What could be more fun than watching your favorite artist perform in front of you live? Attending a live concert can be a great way to spend your money. Of course, because you might be in the moment while you enjoy the music, it's possible that you put yourself in a dangerous situation. It's easy to lose track of your surroundings when you're at a live concert, and that's why it's essential to make sure you keep yourself and your belongings safe even when you're engrossed in the show. Learn how to stay safe at a live concert without sacrificing your enjoyment by checking out these three smart tips.


1. Keep Your Stuff the Right Way - What stuff do you usually have with you when you’re Going to a concert? You probably only make room for your wallet and your cellular phone. The obvious way to keep your essentials with you would be to stuff them in your pockets, but that might not always be the smartest choice. Anything in your pocket can be easily picked or dropped because there really is no security feature that protects what you put in your pocket. With so many people pushing and pressing around you, it's hard to notice when someone's dipping their hands into your pockets. Instead of relying on your pockets, choose to use a belt bag or body bag instead.


2. Tell Someone of Your Plans - It doesn't matter if you're attending the live concert with friends or on your own - you should make sure to inform someone that you're going. Give a relative or a close friend details about the time, place, and the end of the event. If you meet new friends and decide you want to spend time with them after the show, be sure to update your family about that too.



3. Know Your Place - If the live concert you're attending requires you to stand, you should know that there are serious dangers especially if the crowd gets a little rowdy. The best way to avoid getting involved in a tussle would be to stay away from the center of the crowd. This will allow you to stay closer to the guards so you don't have to get into the pushing and shoving that usually occurs at the center of the crowd. The edges are least susceptible to rowdy behaviour. You might also want to develop a strategy with the people you're going with to prevent losing each other in the crowd. You can choose a specific color of clothing or you can designate a meet-up place in case anyone gets lost.